Other Consulting Services

February 25, 2015, DVNK Consulting
DVNK Consulting offers a wide range of services to help you plan and optimize your company’s products, services and work processes, for maximum productivity and profitability. Our consulting firm uses a combination of methods to deliver the ideas, tools and technology that are necessary to achieve all of your business goals.

Business Growth

DVNK Consulting has the expertise that’s required to successfully extend your company’s products and services into new areas on the domestic front or abroad, creating additional revenue channels for your business. Our approach to business growth is unique for every customer and may include one or more of the following services, to achieve the desired result:

• Competitive Market Analysis

• Digital Marketing Strategy

• International Business Expansion

• Product/Service Market Testing

• Small Business Branding

Business Process Design

Create a high performing business operation from the very start, with business process design services. BPD services are designed to identify the most efficient methods for the core business functions that your company relies on for day-to-day operation. DVNK Consulting delivers what your business needs, with innovative BPD processes that lay a strong foundation for a high level of productivity and profit.

Services include:

• BPD “as-is” Documentation

• BPD “to-be” Documentation

• BPD Gap Analysis Documentation

• BPD Implementation

• BPD Monitoring

• SLA (Service Level Agreement) Documentation

• SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Documentation

Business Process Redesign

Transform core business processes for greater productivity, with business process redesign services. Our BPR services are designed to identify what’s broken and what’s missing in the existing business processes that your company uses. We provide more efficient business processes that open the doorway to increased sales and revenue for your enterprise.

Services include:

• BPR “as-is” Documentation

• BPR “to-be” Documentation

• BPR Gap Analysis Documentation

• BP Implementation

• BPR Monitoring

Business Technology Services

Virtually any business can experience productivity increases by using the right technology. Our expertise helps your business maximize the power of technology with the best solutions on the market. We will assess your company’s existing IT systems and software, document system requirements, manage the vendor evaluation process and make recommendations regarding the best technology to select, to meet your business goals and budget.

Services include:

• Product Customization Management

• Product Demo Scheduling

• Product Implementation Management

• Product Training Coordination

• System Requirements Documentation

• Vendor Evaluation Support

• Vendor Selection Support

Product Consulting & Market Research

DVNK consulting provides consulting services designed to turn your product or service concept into a future market leader, while minimizing your personal financial risk. Our product consulting and market research.

Services include:

• Product Design Consulting

• Product Development Consulting

• Product Management Consulting

• Product Manufacturing Consulting

• Product Market Analysis & Testing

• Product Marketing Consulting

• Product Prototype Consulting

• Product Sales, Warehousing & Distribution Consulting

Project Management

No matter how large or small, every project requires proper management, to control costs, reach delivery targets and achieve an overall successful result for the business. DVNK Consulting has the expertise that’s required to successfully manage all of your small business projects, from the discovery phase to the production phase.

DVNK Consulting provides project management support in the following areas:

• Business Case Development

• Business Change Management

• Communications Management

• Content Management

• Digital Marketing Management

• General Project ManagementFebruary 25, 2015, DVNK Consulting