International Business Expansion

February 25, 2015, DVNK Consulting

Expanding into the global arena can provide an unparalleled growth opportunity for your small business, but many entrepreneurs miss out on this potential treasure trove of revenue, because they wrongly assume that international expansion is only for big corporations with millions of dollars to invest in such a venture.

If you’re a business owner that’s trapped in this mindset, you should know that selling products and services in foreign markets can be as simple as setting up your business operation in another state. You can start doing business overseas, entering new and untapped markets with ease, with the various international business expansion services that DVNK Consulting offers for your enterprise.

Our consulting services are designed to help entrepreneurs looking to cash-in on innovative ideas for new products and services in the international marketplace, as well as established business owners looking for new channels to grow their businesses abroad. Our consulting advice is based on real world experience in business operations across a wide range of cultures around the globe. Our firm applies our knowledge of local rules and customs to develop a winning international business strategy for your company’s products and services. Whether you want to reach new customers in the United States, the Caribbean, Russia, Spain, Europe or Asia, our company provides a roadmap that leads to rapid market penetration in the countries that your business has targeted for expansion.

DVNK Consulting helps you seamlessly establish or expand your business operation in the global arena, in a number of ways. Most importantly, our international business expansion expertise helps to identify the demand for your product or service overseas, as well as facilitat e partnerships with foreign contacts. This allows your business to quickly launch international sales campaigns and increase income more rapidly. Our firm also provides assistance with the process of discovering and testing new products and services in foreign markets with a minimum level of expense to your business.

You can also count on DVNK Consulting to help you locate foreign sources of parts for manufacturing, allowing you to significantly reduce production costs for the finished products that your businesses sells domestically or
abroad. DVNK Consulting can also assist your business with labor cost reduction, which may be achieved through the wide array of international labor outsourcing services that our firm helps your enterprise locate and engage.

Expanding your business around the globe and boosting your income potential begins with DVNK Consulting. Our company provides the power that you need to put your enterprise on the fast track to international businesssuccess, with the wide array of consulting services that we offer. Our International Business Expansion services include:

• Bi-Lingual Consulting Services (fluency in English, Spanish & Russian)

• Foreign Language Website Translation Services

• International Business Strategy Consulting

• International Labor Sourcing

• International Parts Sourcing

• International Product Development & Manufacturing Consulting

• International Product Distribution and Logistics ConsultingFebruary 25, 2015, DVNK Consulting