Business Consulting that’s Personal


I’m Andrey – the man behind DVNK Consulting. My mission is helping common people with great business ideas achieve their goals in the marketplace. DVNK Consulting provides the missing link to small business success
in today’s global economy: one-on-one consulting and mentorship built upon years of business experience spanning across many continents.

My background includes extensive work as a professional engineer, where I learned “what works” when it comes
to designing virtually anything. I combine my engineering prowess with innovative approaches to help every
day people transform their business dreams and inventions into something real and concrete. I provide
consulting in areas such as business planning, product design, product market testing, outsourced
manufacturing, warehousing, distribution management, logistics and more.

I also help established business owners and family owned businesses revamp their operations, putting the
m on a level playing field with the competition, through the business renewal package that my consulting firm provides. The offer includes a customized marketing plan that helps business owners relaunch their marketing efforts using Internet technology, leading to more customers and the potential to substantially grow their business in the future.

While my experience spans far and wide, the most important thing that I offer to my clients is approachability. Whether you’re coming to this website with a high school level education, as an experienced trades person in a field like construction, or as a mid-career professional looking to finally launch your business idea and escape a 9-to-5 corporate existence, I can relate to your needs and help make your dreams of entrepreneurship come to life.

February 25, 2015, DVNK Consulting